iniReader – Simple C++ configuration file parser

I have created a very simple C++ class that will parse a configuration file and return the value of the request key. You can get the code from

I created this class for my CPUHog application ( which records CPU and memory usage of applications running so you can find out which processes where hogging your CPU time.

Please feel free to leave feedback if you have any suggestions or problems. I do plan on make the class more powerful as its very simple at the moment.

**Update: I have made a few updates to the library including:

  • Changed getOption and getOptionChar to getOptionToString and getOptionToChar
  • Added getOptionToInt
  • Added cleanupIniReader which will empty the results from the parsed configuration file

2 thoughts on “iniReader – Simple C++ configuration file parser”

  1. Good to hear it has helped someone out :)

    I have added a license file which is under the GPL license. If you have any suggestions on anything you want the library to do, let me know and I will update it :)

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